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Top new questions this week:

Using zigbee devices as repeaters without a hub

I want to use a Spruce smart irrigation controller (it connects to wifi through 2.4ghz) with a Spruce soil moisture sensor (connects to the controller via zigbee). The sensor needs to be a bit far ...

asked by jdoc 2 votes

How can I get Google Assistant to talk to "TickTick" instead of "Tik tik"?

I use a todo list app called TickTick. The app has a Google Assistant integration available. However, when I try to say "Talk to TickTick" Google Assistant always talks to another quiz app called "Tik ...

google-home google-assistant  
asked by RayB 1 vote
answered by RayB 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can you setup Alexa to remind you about calendar events?

Is it possible to configure an Amazon Echo so that Alexa will tell you about upcoming events (e.g. from Google Calendar) an hour before each of them by waking itself up and reminding you about them?

alexa amazon-echo  
asked by kenorb 15 votes
answered by Aurora0001 5 votes

ESP8266 with ethernet connection

I was wondering if someone knows a way to convert a ESP8266 to non-WiFi. I.e. have it connected through Ethernet, preferably with PoE possibility. Reason for asking: My plan is to have sensors in a ...

ethernet interfacing power-sources esp8266  
asked by Jimmy Westberg 11 votes
answered by Sean Houlihane 10 votes

What's the difference between the Internet of Things and the traditional Internet?

What is the difference between the Internet of Things and the traditional Internet? Without the IoT, previously we could communicate with components in various remote monitoring projects with ...

asked by Rashedul Hasan 16 votes
answered by Sean Houlihane 16 votes

Can I ask Alexa to turn off its microphone by voice command?

Is it possible to build a custom skill that would be equivalent to pressing the microphone on/off button on the top of the Amazon Echo? I know from this article on How-To Geek that such voice command ...

amazon-echo alexa  
asked by Bence Kaulics 29 votes
answered by Aurora0001 21 votes

How can I pair the Tile to the phone?

Setup: Put Tile tracking card in shoe. It has a one year charge. Charge Jelly Pro phone each night. Put phone in coat pocket each morning. Provide these features: Track phone if he is not at ...

bluetooth android tile  
asked by CW Holeman II 4 votes
answered by sergio gonzalez collado 3 votes

Starting LG Smart TV apps (other than Netflix & Amazon) with Harmony

The LG Magic Remote has dedicated buttons for the Netflix and Amazon apps, and they are built-in commands in the Logitech Harmony vocabulary, so the command list for the LG Smart TV device includes ...

logitech-harmony smart-tv  
asked by Trey 3 votes
answered by ninsei 4 votes

How do I configure Alexa to access a REST API?

I have several lights connected to relays which are connected to a wiolink I can turn the lights on and off through the REST API, like so: curl ...

alexa amazon-echo voice-recognition  
asked by spuder 20 votes
answered by spuder 14 votes
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