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Top new questions this week:

How can I transmit this information from my device using the least data possible?

I have got a Raspberry Pi setup to transmit things over socket from my project. It currently does this over cellular data on a pay as you go plan, so I would like to optimise it. All that needs to ...

data-transfer mobile-data  
asked by tejt 4 votes
answered by jcaron 3 votes

YouTube app cast function to Google mini speakers

I can cast YouTube app to a Smart TV. On Android phones, can YouTube app cast to Google mini speakers as well?

asked by user9136468 1 vote
answered by hardillb 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Windows 10 IoT on "regular" PC?

Is it possible to install and run Windows 10 IoT on an "regular" workstation/device/PC? With this I'm talking about an old laptop which I want to use as an IoT Device just running a website (or maybe ...

asked by user1234 8 votes
answered by Aurora0001 6 votes

How to write custom Alexa Skills without 'Ask xxxx'

I am currently using fauxmo to send custom commands to various devices to turn them on/off (For instance I have a WiFi to IR converter to control my Tuner & TV) and I can turn the tv on/off with ...

smart-home alexa  
asked by PhratcuredBlue 18 votes
answered by Leon Carlo Valencia 11 votes

Are there any smart electrical plugs with an open API?

My friend and I are in a university and we have been asked by the agriculture professor to create automated watering systems for plants. We want to have control over the grow lights so are there any ...

smart-plugs rest-api  
asked by Trevin Corkery 11 votes
answered by hardillb 5 votes

How to prevent access to a Sonos system

I have a Sonos in a pub (although this applies to any public place which shares the wifi). The router (TP-LINK Archer VR4000) has a guest network and this is locked to not share the local network. ...

asked by MyDaftQuestions 7 votes
answered by 1234567 5 votes

Can I ask Alexa to turn off its microphone by voice command?

Is it possible to build a custom skill that would be equivalent to pressing the microphone on/off button on the top of the Amazon Echo? I know from this article on How-To Geek that such voice command ...

amazon-echo alexa  
asked by Bence Kaulics 29 votes
answered by Aurora0001 21 votes

Why do I need hubs for some devices when automating my home?

When you get started with automating your home, you quickly find out that many devices need a hub or bridge to function correctly. For example, the Philips Hue bulbs need a bridge, August Smart Locks ...

asked by Aurora0001 15 votes
answered by Simon Munro 13 votes

How to use English Alexa Skills on my German Echo Dot

I want to use English Alexa skills on a German Echo Dot. But when I switch to US English to access English skills I get this problem: Die ausgewählte Spracheinstellung stimmt nicht mit den ...

amazon-echo alexa  
asked by Helmar 30 votes
answered by Helmar 19 votes
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