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View the messages sent to the local Mosquitto server

How can I see the messages that are published to the Mosquitto broker which has been locally installed in Ubuntu? I have used Spring Integration and think it worked fine. I also tried commands in ...

mqtt mosquitto  
asked by sam Score of 6
answered by Sina Ronaghi Score of 6

How can I find echo dot's MAC address without turning it off?

My home network has a MAC filter, so I need to know the MAC address of this particular echo dot. I have nearly 30 smart devices connected to my router and I do not have the luxury of turning off one ...

alexa amazon-echo  
asked by Mad Score of 12
answered by Amit Vujic Score of 9

Can you setup Alexa to remind you about calendar events?

Is it possible to configure an Amazon Echo so that Alexa will tell you about upcoming events (e.g. from Google Calendar) an hour before each of them by waking itself up and reminding you about them?

alexa amazon-echo  
asked by kenorb Score of 15
answered by Aurora0001 Score of 5

As a Computer Science student, how can I develop skills for an IoT job outside of formal education?

In order to do well in a Computer Science related field, a college student has to do much more than just getting a degree—they must go above and beyond to be competitive with others in the field. As ...

asked by Greg Score of 25
answered by Shan-Desai Score of 16

How to turn on Xbox One from Windows 10 PC using Cortana?

Cortana is Microsoft's intelligent personal assistant for Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft Band, and Windows 10. I am interested in how can someone turn on their Xbox One by using Cortana voice command. ...

microsoft-windows wake-on-lan microsoft-xbox cortana  
asked by Bence Kaulics Score of 8
answered by Mast Score of 8

Can I create custom voice commands and responses for the Google Home?

I want to be able to create my very own custom voice commands and responses for my Google Home device. Is there anyway to do this?

google-home google-assistant  
asked by Henry WH Hack v3.0b Score of 11
answered by mico Score of 8

TRÅDFRI lights and multiple swiches

I have 3 TRÅDFRI 30W drivers in my kitchen, and succeeded in pairing all of them to the same remote. However, if I pair a lamp to a 2nd remote, it stops responding to the first one. I was hoping to ...

asked by Sean Houlihane Score of 9
answered by hardillb Score of 3
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