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Top new questions this week:

Playing my music for free on Google Home

Until now I have been using Google Play Music to play music that I own from my Google Home devices. I can upload my music content to Google Play Music and then play specific songs, albums or artists ...

google-home google-assistant  
asked by DJClayworth 2 votes
answered by gavioto 1 vote

Control Raspberry Pi depending on Wifi-Users

I hope this the right place to ask this. I'm currently working on the following project: I'm creating a "digital dashboard", consisting of a tv and a Raspberry Pi 3B+. The tv just shows ...

smart-home raspberry-pi wifi hardware software  
asked by nameless 2 votes
answered by nameless 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Starting LG Smart TV apps (other than Netflix & Amazon) with Harmony

The LG Magic Remote has dedicated buttons for the Netflix and Amazon apps, and they are built-in commands in the Logitech Harmony vocabulary, so the command list for the LG Smart TV device includes ...

logitech-harmony smart-tv  
asked by Trey 3 votes
answered by ninsei 4 votes

Is the Amazon Echo mic mute a hardware switch?

I recently got my hands on an Echo Dot. I'm hesitating to install it, since I'm concerned about my privacy. According to Amazon's privacy notice, they may use all data they capture. I've noticed ...

alexa amazon-echo privacy microphones  
asked by FMaz 28 votes
answered by Aurora0001 21 votes

Could a blockchain really prevent malware in the Internet of Things?

This article claims that using a blockchain-based security system for an IoT network would prevent some types of attacks: Blockchain technology may help offer an answer. Gada observes that blockchain ...

security networking blockchains  
asked by Aurora0001 25 votes
answered by Murch 27 votes

Connect to Chevrolet Cruze Hot-Spot Wi-Fi

The Chevrolet Cruze (2016) is supposed to have a Wi-Fi hot-spot. I do see it showing up in my available network connections, but how do I find the password? From my memory, the dealer didn't say ...

security wifi smart-cars  
asked by anonymous2 7 votes
answered by Sean Houlihane 5 votes

Is MQTT protocol appropriate for transmitting sensor readings over BLE?

Assume that there are numerous weak sensors (e.g., Arduino level devices) which rely on BLE as means of communication and that these devices are connected to a more powerful gateway (e.g., Raspberry ...

mqtt power-consumption bluetooth-low-energy  
asked by dr.doom 13 votes
answered by hardillb 15 votes

How to connect Google Home with a DIY home automation system?

I have a few devices which ultimately talk to an MQTT bus. This bus is monitored by my own program (in Python) which makes decisions based on the context ("scenarios"). I am considering to add a ...

mqtt google-home google-assistant  
asked by WoJ 4 votes
answered by hardillb 3 votes

Connect to device at home network remotely

I am trying to figure out if it is possible in any way for me to remotely connect to a device on my home network, but remotely. Scenario: My entertainment system is connected to the home network, ...

smart-home wifi  
asked by Aeseir 12 votes
answered by Sean Houlihane 7 votes
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