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Top new questions this week:

MQTT client connect to broker have self signed certification

I run c# MQTT broker (in socket not websocket) with self signed certification for TLS in cloud server and now client cant connect to server and get this error message The remote certificate was ...

mqtt tls  
asked by behroozbc 2 votes
answered by hardillb 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I disable phone ringing from my Tile?

When a Tile tracker is paired with a phone, double tapping a button on the Tile will make the phone ring. This happens even if the phone is on silent mode. I’ve accidentally rung my iPhone at work ...

bluetooth ios tile  
asked by Stevoisiak 10 votes
answered by Stevoisiak 5 votes

Sonoff Dual - Where to find GPIOs

I'm looking for the GPIO's I can use in SonOff Dual ( after flashing my own software ). In SonOff Basic - there are GPIOs to acess LED, Relay, and what is most needed for me - GPIO14 for external ...

esp8266 gpio  
asked by Guy . D 7 votes
answered by Adil Saju 5 votes

How to pair the Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater 1S with the Mi Home app through WiFi

It seems that my Mi Home app is not recognizing the Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater 1S. This is actually happening with two different Xiaomi heaters (same model). What I've tried so far, after ...

smart-home wifi software xiaomi-mi  
asked by Ana 3 votes
answered by ludo 2 votes

How to get Alexa to play music like <insert artist> using Amazon Music

I have Amazon Prime music. Is it possible to ask Alexa to play music similar to or like a particular artist? When I ask her to play music by [artist name], they are only songs by that artist (...

alexa amazon-echo  
asked by C-Pound Guru 5 votes
answered by Aurora0001 3 votes

Are There Energy Monitoring Smart Plugs That Don't Compromise my Privacy/Security?

It seems like every Smart Plug I see on Amazon (including well-reviewed ones) require me to sign up, giving a lot of device, location, and personal information to a company I don't know or trust (...

smart-home security smart-plugs  
asked by jfkelley 11 votes
answered by FoxSam12 13 votes

How can I have my Google Assistant and Home devices play an MP3 in response to voice command?

I want to have my Google Assistant and Home devices (and Mini) respond to a voice command by playing an MP3 file. How can I do this?

google-home google-assistant  
asked by Ron Solometo 5 votes
answered by Aurora0001 5 votes

What is the maximum Packet Size of a LoraWan including the phy headers

I created a LoRa to USB pass-through via Arduino in order to use it as a temporary gateway for development purposes. So somehow I need to know how big a LoRa packet including PHY headers is, in order ...

lora lorawan  
asked by Dimitrios Desyllas 8 votes
answered by Arjan 7 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Where does Alexa store its music history? Can it be cleared?

My Alexa is screwing up: when I play one of Amazon Music's curated music lists, it always stops after a set number of songs, prior to the whole list completing. It's as if Alexa only thinks the list ...

asked by gfactor 1 vote

Measure power consumption of an electric heater

I want to measure / monitor power consumption of an electric heater which is connected to a standard power outlet. There are several meters on the market, however all I found could show only current ...

smart-plugs power-consumption  
asked by Máté Juhász 1 vote
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