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Lora Setup For Remote Projects in Sub-saharan locations

I am looking for some advice for setting up an IoT sensor network in remote areas. It needs to be as plug-and-play as possible as it will not be done by technicians... I work for an international NGO ...

lora lorawan energy-monitoring-systems  
user avatar asked by amaturenet Score of 1
user avatar answered by H. Sinan Alioglu Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Make ADT Door Sensors work with Ring security system?

Is there a way to modify ADT's Window and/or thin Door sensors in some way to work as door sensors for Ring's Home Security System? I am transitioning from an ADT security system to Ring's, but am ...

sensors home-security door-sensor  
user avatar asked by Graeme Rock Score of 6

Mosquitto on Raspberry Pi refuses connection after changing log settings

In my ongoing endeavors to get my Raspberry Pi to command my stuff I set up a Mosquitto MQTT broker. In the base settings everything went reasonably fine. I could post test messages with the publish ...

mqtt raspberry-pi mosquitto  
user avatar asked by Helmar Score of 14
user avatar answered by ralight Score of 8

How to pair the Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater 1S with the Mi Home app through WiFi

It seems that my Mi Home app is not recognizing the Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater 1S. This is actually happening with two different Xiaomi heaters (same model). What I've tried so far, after ...

smart-home wifi software xiaomi-mi  
user avatar asked by Ana Score of 3
user avatar answered by ludo Score of 2

ESP8266 with ethernet connection

I was wondering if someone knows a way to convert a ESP8266 to non-WiFi. I.e. have it connected through Ethernet, preferably with PoE possibility. Reason for asking: My plan is to have sensors in a ...

ethernet interfacing power-sources esp8266  
user avatar asked by Jimmy Westberg Score of 13
user avatar answered by Sean Houlihane Score of 11

What ports does an LG TV open?

I'm seeing some unexpected ports open on an LG TV model 47LN5750-UH, serial 311MXTC1E969. Below is the result from a nmap scan. Nmap scan report for Host is up (0.00021s latency). Not ...

networking smart-tv  
user avatar asked by jww Score of 10
user avatar answered by mico Score of 6

How to read custom documents by Alexa?

According to Amazon, Alexa can read certain Kindle books. Alexa reads Kindle books eligible for Text-to-Speech (an experimental reading technology that allows supported Amazon devices to read ...

smart-home amazon-echo alexa  
user avatar asked by Bence Kaulics Score of 8
user avatar answered by Helmar Score of 6

Where can I harvest energy in my home to power my wireless sensors?

I was reading this article, "Five Building Blocks of Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes" (shared on IoT Meta) about energy harvesting in IoT. It lists a couple of harvestable energy sources ...

smart-home sensors power-consumption sustainability  
user avatar asked by Bence Kaulics Score of 37
user avatar answered by Goufalite Score of 30
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