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Top new questions this week:

ESP32 proximity detection - how near, far and how accurate can it be?

I did some brief search on the matter, but it doesn't really help. I want to detect when people approach each other too closely, and - possibly, in the future - leave too great a distance between one ...

esp32 wearables proximity location  
asked by Mawg says reinstate Monica 2 votes
answered by jcaron 2 votes

Detecting static human ? how? Which Sensor?

I am new to this community and I apologize for my bad English. I am interested in Home automation I am working on my new project. Where the requirement is to use a sensor for Automatic Light on/off ...

smart-home sensors  
asked by Amit singh 1 vote
answered by jcaron 0 votes

Flush-mountable smart light remote switch - Replacement for Lutron Connected Bulb Remote?

The Lutron Connected Bulb Remote was a great little light switch that could be flush mounted in a US style switch plate for a professional look. It was discontinued in 2018 or so. Hue has the Smart ...

zigbee smart-lights philips-hue zwave  
asked by emmby 1 vote

Lost power supply while flashing SONOFF S20

Yesterday I successfully flashed three out of four S20 v2.1.0 devices with ESPHome firmware. While flashing the fourth one, I accidently interrupted one of the cables (most likely the power supply [3....

esp8266 sonoff  
asked by alve89 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I interface a LoraWan network with MQTT?

I have been working on a project which involves creating a LoraWan network using: Dragino lg01 as a Gateway. An Arduino Uno and a Dragino Lora shield with a simple LM35 Temperature sensor As for the ...

networking mqtt lora  
asked by Mohamed Achref Dridi 10 votes
answered by Bence Kaulics 11 votes

How to read custom documents by Alexa?

According to Amazon, Alexa can read certain Kindle books. Alexa reads Kindle books eligible for Text-to-Speech (an experimental reading technology that allows supported Amazon devices to read ...

smart-home amazon-echo alexa  
asked by Bence Kaulics 8 votes
answered by Helmar 6 votes

List clients subscribed to a certain topic in Mosquitto server

So that is the general question, but I'll provide the scenario here. I'm running Mosquitto server to provide mqtt comm between esp relay modules (Sonoff from Itead) and Home Assistant. Most of the ...

mqtt mosquitto publish-subscriber  
asked by Dario 8 votes
answered by hardillb 7 votes

How to write custom Alexa Skills without 'Ask xxxx'

I am currently using fauxmo to send custom commands to various devices to turn them on/off (For instance I have a WiFi to IR converter to control my Tuner & TV) and I can turn the tv on/off with ...

smart-home alexa  
asked by PhratcuredBlue 20 votes
answered by Leon Carlo Valencia 11 votes

What voice commands for Philips Hue lamps does Amazon Echo offer?

I'm thinking about getting some Philips Hue lighting equipment. I'm thinking of something along the lines of this one as a starter kit. I already have an Echo Dot. The marketing buzz is great and both ...

amazon-echo philips-hue  
asked by Helmar 12 votes
answered by Aurora0001 12 votes

Can I use an ESP8266 as an MQTT broker?

I am making a home automation project based on star topology. What I am trying to achieve is that one of the nodemcu/ESP8266 acts as a server which is accessible for the outside world and other ...

smart-home mqtt esp8266  
asked by Rohit Mathur 7 votes
answered by Aurora0001 9 votes

Cheap IoT microcontroller with PoE

Can anyone recommend a simple micro-controller with some I/O (<8) that can be powered using PoE, something cheap like Raspberri Pi Zero. The requirements are: Support PoE integrated. No power ...

hardware microcontrollers ethernet  
asked by Snake Sanders 20 votes
answered by Ludwig Schulze 15 votes
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