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Top new questions this week:

Is there a simple database app builder that allows for single row access based on token in the row?

I'm currently using thingsboard to manage and deliver IoT device configuration. The IoT device can access its own configuration with its own auth key. This is great. However, thingsboard is a quite ...

data-transfer web-services authentication  
asked by tavis 1 vote
answered by kalyanswaroop 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is MQTT protocol appropriate for transmitting sensor readings over BLE?

Assume that there are numerous weak sensors (e.g., Arduino level devices) which rely on BLE as means of communication and that these devices are connected to a more powerful gateway (e.g., Raspberry ...

mqtt power-consumption bluetooth-low-energy  
asked by dr.doom 14 votes
answered by hardillb 15 votes

Can you setup Alexa to remind you about calendar events?

Is it possible to configure an Amazon Echo so that Alexa will tell you about upcoming events (e.g. from Google Calendar) an hour before each of them by waking itself up and reminding you about them?

alexa amazon-echo  
asked by kenorb 15 votes
answered by Aurora0001 5 votes

What voice commands for Philips Hue lamps does Amazon Echo offer?

I'm thinking about getting some Philips Hue lighting equipment. I'm thinking of something along the lines of this one as a starter kit. I already have an Echo Dot. The marketing buzz is great and both ...

amazon-echo philips-hue  
asked by Helmar 12 votes
answered by Aurora0001 12 votes

When and why to use MQTT protocol?

I am developing a device which measures temperature, humidity and mass. Currently it uses HTTPS to upload data to a remote server. Now I know that there is a protocol called MQTT which is claimed to ...

mqtt protocols data-transfer https  
asked by Bence Kaulics 41 votes
answered by Goufalite 37 votes

Why do I need hubs for some devices when automating my home?

When you get started with automating your home, you quickly find out that many devices need a hub or bridge to function correctly. For example, the Philips Hue bulbs need a bridge, August Smart Locks ...

asked by Aurora0001 15 votes
answered by Simon Munro 13 votes

How can Amazon Echo Dot be made for families with children (parental control)?

I have been unsuccessfully researching on how to add parental control for the Amazon Echo Dot. I also read in Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap (Alexa) for Families with Children which indicate that there are ...

asked by Mahendra Gunawardena 10 votes
answered by Aurora0001 6 votes

Enable developer mode in Xiaomi Mi Home App

I would like to use my Xiaomi Gateway v2 EU-Version with openHAB. In order to do that I need to enable the developer mode in Xiaomi MI Home app. These are the full instructions from openHAB: 1. ...

openhab xiaomi-mi  
asked by Tom 6 votes
answered by The Coding Clan 4 votes
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