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Top new questions this week:

MQTT - keepAlive using Arduino

I'm using MQTT broker for my IOT devicess, mostly ESP8266 ( some are NodeMCU, some Wemos mini, and some are Sonoff) , running an Arduino code, some time ( about a year ). MQTT broker is running on a ...

mqtt arduino  
asked by Guy . D 2 votes
answered by hardillb 3 votes

Teckin sp10 not showing up on Wi-Fi router’s “list of connected devices”

I was able to connect the SP10 Teckin outlet to my Wi-Fi network using smart life app. I am able to successfully control the outlet from the app. I opened the “list of connected devices” page on my ...

asked by oumuamua 2 votes

Not getting LWT MQTT Arduino

I'm trying to test a two combined examples: OTA and MQTT . My goal it to check a LastWill when disconnecting an ESP8266 devic. Surprisingly, a LWT is not sent to designated topic. code has not ...

mqtt esp8266  
asked by Guy . D 1 vote

Pair two drivers with one remote control IKEA TRÅDFRI

I am going to buy two TRÅDFRI Drivers, one 10w and a another 30w. Is it possible to pair the drivers and use one remote control to dim them at the same without the gateway? Or does it work to pair the ...

asked by mariovirus 1 vote
answered by hardillb 0 votes

How to change default shopping list app with google home

With Alexa I can change default shopping list and todo app by settings. I'm using AnyList with Alexa, so can I also use AnyList with Google home?

asked by ironsand 1 vote
answered by hardillb 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is the Amazon Echo mic mute a hardware switch?

I recently got my hands on an Echo Dot. I'm hesitating to install it, since I'm concerned about my privacy. According to Amazon's privacy notice, they may use all data they capture. I've noticed ...

alexa amazon-echo privacy microphones  
asked by FMaz 25 votes
answered by Aurora0001 19 votes

Is MQTT protocol appropriate for transmitting sensor readings over BLE?

Assume that there are numerous weak sensors (e.g., Arduino level devices) which rely on BLE as means of communication and that these devices are connected to a more powerful gateway (e.g., Raspberry ...

mqtt power-consumption bluetooth-low-energy  
asked by dr.doom 12 votes
answered by hardillb 14 votes

Are there any surveillance cameras/devices that are EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant?

I recently came across the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) meant for data privacy regulation. The final Version of GDPR was released December/2015. Any surveillance camera or devices ...

security surveillance-cameras  
asked by sob 7 votes
answered by Helmar 10 votes

Will alarms set on one Amazon Echo be shared with all other devices in the same home?

With the Amazon Echo, it's easy to set an alarm that will be triggered on the same device that the alarm was created, however it isn't always useful if you're not going to remain in the same room when ...

alexa amazon-echo  
asked by Aurora0001 11 votes
answered by Helmar 11 votes

Why would IPv6 be necessary for the IoT?

I recently ran across this quote from Security Intelligence about the Internet of things and IPv6: Analysts predict that there will be 30 billion connected “things” by 2020, yet the IPv4 address ...

asked by anonymous2 21 votes
answered by Matija Nalis 19 votes

Can I use an ESP8266 as an MQTT broker?

I am making a home automation project based on star topology. What I am trying to achieve is that one of the nodemcu/ESP8266 acts as a server which is accessible for the outside world and other ...

smart-home mqtt esp8266  
asked by Rohit Mathur 7 votes
answered by Aurora0001 9 votes

How to get Alexa to play music using Pandora without saying "on Pandora"?

Whenever I say "Alexa play Metallica", it says that it is not found on Amazon Prime. It only works the way I want it when I say "Alexa play Metallica on Pandora" My Default music library is set to ...

alexa amazon-echo  
asked by Nyxynyx 8 votes
answered by Vinit 5 votes

Can you answer this question?

Sonoff switches on Google Home - Cascade Router configuration?

I had my Sonoff switches working fine on my rental FTTH modem then I bought Google Nest Wifi. Only my kitchen lights connect to the "blended" wifi, the rest of them won't show up on Google home (same ...

smart-home google-home routers sonoff  
asked by Vogon Poet 2 votes
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