I am struggling finding a specific hardware, here is what I need :

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon
  • good range
  • Button on it to send a signal to my iOS/Android app
  • Possibility to switch off/on (not mandatory)
  • LED on it : It should receive signal from the app (to change the color, it - should show different colors of the LED)
  • small max size 2cm diameter, 5mm thick
  • cheap :)

I am not used to search IoT stuff and find it hard to find my way around, I tried alibaba but too many things, maybe you guys have some website to share.

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The flic button from shortcut labs meets most (but not all) of your requirements. (not cheap and the light only comes on when the button is pushed iirc, but might be hackable/fixable at the firmware level)

I think you might struggle to find something that meets your size requirements given a cr 2032 battery is 2cm diameter before you add any case and is 3.2mm thick leaving only 1.8mm to get a circuit board and button and led into the package.

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    There are smaller coin cells, and most of the current generation coin cell gadgets are built with QFN BTLE chips rather than the smaller WLCSP versions. For an always-on beacon a CR2032 is probably too small, for something that only activates a bit on each button push, energy capacity could probably be lower, but peak current draw will still be pretty high so would be more the limiting factor. Commented Jul 27, 2017 at 12:46

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