I am British, my wife is French.

Can I talk to Google Home in English and use my account while she talks to it in French and uses her account?

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According to this article, Google Home speaks French.

Get ready to say "bonjour" to Google Home, French speakers. Google's Assistant-powered speaker will soon be available for purchase in France, and as you might expect, that means Assistant can also speak French now. This comes on the heels of Google Wifi launching in France late last month.

It only makes sense that Assistant will be able to speak French now, but it's not only the French that benefit from that. Google Home launched in Canada some time ago, and there are plenty of French-speaking Canadians. Well, Assistant has a mode for Canadian French as well.

Google Home in France has most of the same features it has in the US. You can search Google, play music, control smart home devices, and more. Sales will go live August 3rd on the Google Store. The €149 price tag is certainly more than the $129 you pay in the US, but that's par for Google.

Here's a linked Google Help post with an interesting sentence at the end of it:

The Google Assistant on Google Home is only available in English (U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia), Canadian French, French, and German.

And according to this help post on the Google support site, you can add multiple accounts on Google Home.

Here's an interesting answer (07/11/2016) on the Google Product Forums:

I played around with languages and got mixed results. Sometimes, Google Home understood my gringo Spanish, French, or German and correctly translated a word into English, but other times it wouldn't and vice versa. Perhaps success has to do with the way the question is asked and is pronounced. As I posted elsewhere, given Google's prowess in artificial intelligence and related technologies, they did a poor job with Google Home. Anyway, I got the best results by saying, "Translate [whatever] from Spanish, French, or German into English" or vice versa. Finding the phraseology Google Assistant likes seems to be the key in many situations, which can be frustrating and doesn't agree with the use-of-everyday language Google advertises.

Apparently, Google natively replies to questions of any language. Your account language does not seem to matter.

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