Let's say I'm not at home but I need to check whether my smart bulb at home is on or off? I know I can do it with the app that support my smart bulb but then I need to check each every app that I downloaded for each and every smart device I have.

Can we give remote commands to Alexa through Alexa app to check the status of my bulb, if it's turned on can I turned it off via a command send through Alexa app?

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According to this article, it is possible.

Amazon’s own shopping app on iOS now allows you to give your Amazon Echo voice commands through your phone, effectively getting rid of the need for the $30 Voice Remote, too. It doesn’t directly control your physical Amazon Echo unit, per se, but it acts as a virtual Echo device, communicating with your Alexa account and letting you control your smarthome devices by voice using Alexa on your phone.

The feature uses the existing microphone button in the app that’s used for voice search. You can still use it for that, of course, but now Alexa is completely built in.

For Android:

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in the Android version of the Amazon app, but luckily there’s a third-party app (called Ubi) that gives you similar functionality.

From the Play Store:


This app requires that you have a valid Amazon account for sign in and for accessing the Alexa Voice Service.

Supported features in this app:

Asking Alexa questions and getting a response

Controlling home automation devices

Accessing various Alexa Skills




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    Isn't that the Amazon shopping app that article is showing? Couldn't try Ubi though
    – Mad
    Commented Sep 1, 2017 at 5:34
  • Yes, it is. According to the article, you get pretty much full control over your Alexa device. Commented Sep 1, 2017 at 5:36

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