I have a Google Home. As a joke, I would like to program mine to answer any requests to play music with something like "Sorry, I can only play music by Taylor Swift" or some artist or playlist of my choice. I have Spotify premium as my music service.

I looked briefly at the Google Home API, and it looks like you can program new actions. Is there some way I can intercept requests for music and filter them with this message?

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Unfortunately, any Action that is intended to imitate Google Home system functionality is explicitly banned, and the API doesn't really facilitate doing that (not surprising, I suppose, that the API doesn't let you do something that Google doesn't want you to do!):

We don't allow actions that mimic or interfere with device or Assistant functionality. Examples of prohibited behaviour include:

  • Using a voice for your action that mimics the Google Assistant's voice.
  • Mimicking system notifications or warnings.
  • Pretending to be Google or another Google action.

(Actions on Google: Policies for Actions on Google)

There is a fixed invocation pattern that Actions use to be invoked, generally. The image in their documentation explains most clearly:

Invocation Discovery Grammar

Image from Actions on Google documentation; CC BY 3.0.

You can also use action phrases, such as ""hear a fun fact" or "give me a 5 minute workout", but undoubtedly the Google Action takes precedence to yours.

As an aside, it appears you can override Alexa Skills in the way you're hoping.


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