Is there something akin to the Wi-Fi Alliance DPP (Device Provisioning Protocol) in the world of embedded SIM?1 If so, it would be really nice to get an outline of how it would work at a high level.

The use case I have in mind is soft/embedded SIM provisioning of off-the-shelf, consumer purchases where ownership of the "thing" needs to be transferred from the reseller to the purchaser at point-of-sale. Presumably we would have to give network access to our purchased item according to our mobile subscription. We might later want to sell or give the item to a third party and re-provision according the the new owner's mobile subscription.

As I write this, I'm aware that this may not even be a target use case for soft-SIM, in which case a follow-up question is: what, if any, standards and technologies are targeting off-the-shelf purchases of IoT devices with mobile network access for the general consumer?

1For background, take a look first at this paper if you haven't come across DPP before.


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