For the ESP32 options are normally enabled with "make menuconfig".

PlatformIO with Atom also allows to create ESP32 projects with an empty source folder. It automatically installs an ESP-IDF 0.11.

I tried to create a new project following this guide.

I created the project, then inserted app_bt from this source, tried to compile - and it failed with "esp_bt.h" not found message.

After some reading it seems that it is created when "make menuconfig" is execute.

I also tried to copy one of the samples "sdkconfig.h" and put #define CONFIG_BT_ENABLED 1 in it. Same result as before.

Does anybody know how to create or enable this settings, so that compilation can be done successfully?

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    In make menuconfig did you enable Bluetooth? ESP-IDF is updated very frequently - version 3.0 has been released so I'm also a bit concerned about the age of the development kit.
    – stdunbar
    Commented Jan 8, 2018 at 16:50
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    @stunbar that is the question. Where is something like male menuconfig in PlattformIO? It handles the tooolchain and build process. So I don't see where make can be called
    – Offler
    Commented Jan 9, 2018 at 20:31

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I followed the same tutorial and I also had this problem. It seems that esp_bt.h only appears in the latest release of esp-idf and some changes are not yet available in PlatformIO.

The sample espidf-ble-adv (available from the PlatformIO home) compiles correctly.

Now, how to use the latest espidf in PlatformIO is left as an exercise for the reader ;-) I'm still searching.

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