Does anyone have information about UltraSync 1347, a system that allows you to control a home intrusion system remotely from your smartphone (receive alerts, arm or disarm the system)?

I could not find much info beyond a PDF brochure. At the end of the brochure, there is mention of UTC Fire & Security. Google returns a frame with the company details: UTC Climate, Controls & Security, 16.7 billion USD revenue.

Looks legit so far. I didn't find any horror stories, or vulnerabilities. But I didn't find any track record either, or even datasheet or whitepaper.

I'm concerned about:

  • Hardware reliability
  • Software future compatibility (how long will the app be supported on Android/iOS
  • Software reliability (is it already working correctly on Android 8.1.0 and iOS)
  • Overall security. Could someone take control of the system remotely?

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