I wanted to use my Amazon Echo Dot to connect to my Raspberry Pi, and have it turn on switches wirelessly.

What I have done: I have been able to use Makermusings's Fauxmo and a relay board to "trick" Alexa to think that the Raspberry Pi is a Wemo device, and switch things on and off. However, that limits one to set all of the desired devices around a single area that is close to the Raspberry Pi.

I wanted to do the following:

  1. Say command: "Alexa, turn on lamp"
  2. Alexa sends command to Raspberry Pi through Fauxmo
  3. Raspberry Pi turns on a switch far away that may be in the kitchen, but would use some sort of wireless switch

Question: How can I control a switch wirelessly through Alexa/Raspberry Pi?

  • Why not just ask Alexa how to do this? Or better yet, say command: "Alexa, talk to that Raspberry Pi, and turn on that switch." "Oh, and ask Fauxmo to help out if he's needed."
    – Seamus
    Jun 6, 2018 at 1:23

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You can also use something like Node-RED (comes pre installed in raspbian) and the node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill (I wrote this node) to send the messages and have more control than just the actions that Wemo supports.

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