I'd like Alexa to announce a monthly reminder on the same day each month, but it seems she only knows "weekly", "daily", etc. Is there another way?

  • Do you specifically need it on the same day each month? This page has an example of asking for a reminder 'in one month' but I haven't been able to test if it works or whether it fits your needs. – Aurora0001 Jun 1 '18 at 18:10

It looks like it's a non-existent future, at least as of the start of this year: check out this thread on the amazon forum. Charlie444 writes,

Weekly and daily reminders are great but please add the ability to set monthly and every other week reminders!!

...and Kristen C from the Amazon Staff wrote back,

Great suggestion Charlie444! If you haven't already, I also recommend sending feedback through the Alexa app by selecting the ? icon next to your name in the menu.

So it looks like for the moment, it's not an implemented feature. I'd recommend doing as Kristen suggested as well: send feedback through the Alexa app. The more people feedbacking about this, the more likely it is that they'll do something about it.

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