One of the main purposes of IoT Edge is to localize the computation of the steady state (normal conditions) to the edge rather than in the cloud.

Has anyone got Azure IoT Edge working as a "transparent" gateway as detailed at


with standard protocols (MQTT, AMQP) rather than the proprietary SDK?

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We haven't been contacted by anyone who is using their own protocol client to connect to an Azure IoT Edge device working as a transparent gateway. That said, we do have many customers successfully using their own protocol client to connect to Azure IoT Hub. For these devices, connecting to an Edge device instead of IoT Hub should just require the installation of a couple certs, as detailed in this article.

I'll also point out that the Client SDK provided by Microsoft is not proprietary. The SDKs are open sourced on GitHub and speak standard versions of MQTT, AMQP, or HTTP.

We're trying to focus our public support to bugs on our GitHub issues page and questions in StackOverflow with the tag #azure-iot-edge. In the future you'll get a faster response in one of those forums. We have a devs continuously monitoring those issues.

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