From mosquitto.conf, the following options (among many others) exist for bridging.

  • connection name

This variable marks the start of a new bridge connection. It is also used to give the bridge a name which is used as the client id on the remote broker.

  • remote_clientid id

Set the client id for this bridge connection. If not defined, this defaults to 'name.hostname', where name is the connection name and hostname is the hostname of this computer.

If both the configuration options are specified and are different, then which ID applies to the remote broker?

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Considering the connection line is a required field to start a bridge config remote_clientid will always override, this should be clear from the description of the remote_clientid.

It states that the default will be


Where name is the argument given in the connection line.

(Also this literally takes 2 mins to test on the command line by starting 2 brokers)

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