I am making a GSM Tracker with SIM800C module. After deploying it into vehicles, it works fine... But after some days, it starts responding as CME ERROR: 15 SIM wrong for command AT+CPIN? & CME ERROR: 10 SIM not inserted for commands required to build TCP Connections. The Commands are written below.



Also I checked the potential between SIM800C's SIMVCC & GND it was 1.8 V which is fine. I am not able to understand the cause of the errors. My Schematic is:

enter image description here

Someone, please suggest the solution as it gets disconnected with the server in between the journey & tracker losts.

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  • Are you saying a module stops working after some time being used, and never works again? Have you replaced all the parts, and checked your power supply regulation? I think this is more of an EE question, but I don't think they will like it. – Sean Houlihane Aug 10 at 15:17
  • After debugging I concluded that It stops pinging the data after sometime..! i.e. module is working but can not initialize & build the TCP connection. Its not that power supply gets off..! Its just some commands which are not giving expected response. – bandejiya Aug 10 at 15:52