I'm having trouble installing Android Things on an SD card. The card itself seems fine, it's recognised by my Macbook Pro. I'm using the same command i used for the last pi I set up.

Below is the command and the response I'm getting back.

I'm pretty new to Android Things but this command worked like a charm last time and nothing has changed AFAIK so no idea where to go from here.

Jamies-MBP:ic-self-help jampez77$ sudo ~/Downloads/android-things-setup-utility/android-things-setup-utility-macos
sudo: /Users/jampez77/Downloads/android-things-setup-utility/android-things-setup-utility-macos: command not found

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The error implies that the file you are trying to run (/Users/jampez77/Downloads/android-things-setup-utility/android-things-setup-utility-macos) is just not where you've said it is.

Rather than trying to run it from a long path, which introduces more chance of a typo, try running it from the directory e.g.

cd ~/Downloads/android-things-setup-utility/
sudo ./android-things-setup-utility-macos

Also check that directory is still there and that actual command has the execute bit set.

  • This is exactly what the problem was. android-things-setup-utility had a space at the end of the folder name. Thanks
    – jampez77
    Commented Sep 16, 2018 at 10:21

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