I'm working on a project, and I want to use a Sigfox callback to send some data. But when I want separate my payload as I coded it, all my values on Callback are NULL.

This is my Callback, and this is what the Callback send :enter image description here

enter image description here

My full custom payload is

tempAir::int:10: tempGnd::int:10 wetAir::uint:10 wetGnd::uint:10 alti::int:8 magX::uint:10 magY::uint:10 MagZ::uint:10

and the message I send by captors is like : 388eb7c406412e8e33806b21.

If I change my payload by things like

tempAir::int:8: tempGnd::int:8 wetAir::uint:8 wetGnd::uint:8 alti::int:8 magX::uint:8 magY::uint:8 MagZ::uint:8


tempAir::int:10: tempGnd::int:10 wetAir::uint:10 wetGnd::uint:8 alti::int:8 magX::uint:8 magY::uint:8 MagZ::uint:8

callback works properly. But the values decoded are obviously wrong because this is not the way I custom my payload.

I don't find the difference between those custom payloads, and why others payload works and my doesn't. And it's not a number of bit's issue as I already saw on previous posts, because I want to read 78 bits and my message contains at least 80 bits.

I have spent 10 hours trying to solve this but I really don't understand why my custom payload doesn't work. If someone have the solution, I'm buying!


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