I am on the lookout for sensor-nodes that do not require any DIY or sensor interfacing.


This is because, at times one might just want to setup an IoT Network without having to program or interface certain sensors just to build a proof of concept

Current Finding

Product            |          Positives              | Drawbacks

TI Sensortags     |  * Easy to configure via Apps   |   * Changing Cloud 
                                                           Endpoint not 
                     * Various sensors on-board     |     possible via App
                                                         * By Default send
                     *WLAN/BLE/DualBand                    information
                                                           to IBM Cloud
                                                         * TI is notorious 
                                                           for not being
                                                           friendly with
                                                          * Extremely 
                                                            Setup with
                                                            Code Composer 

I wish to create a inventory summary for IoT Development (on the forum too via this thread) which have the following features:

  1. Out-of-the-box or Off-the-shelf Products
  2. Few Configuration Efforts for sensor nodes (via Apps or simple utilities)
  3. deployment ready
  4. No sensor shields or mounting sensor boards + programming
  5. Avoid use of Gateways (WLAN Technology)

    a. If Gateway exist it should be out-of-the-box.

Are there some other nodes that are available with the following features?

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    I agree. I do have a clear motive here i.e. mature products in IoT ready for deployments and tests. Your points would make it more concrete. – Shan-Desai Nov 22 '18 at 10:20
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