I am trying to use echo dot as a bluetooth speaker for my laptop (Fujitsu Lifebook - win7). In the bluetooth devices windows on the laptop I can see and pair with the echo dot, but after pairing I can hear Alexa through the laptop speaker which is the opposite of what I want. How do I define echo dot as the speaker for the laptop instead of the laptop as the speaker for the echo dot?


My guess is that you paired the device to the computer, instead of vice versa.

Did you:

  1. Go into the Alexa app.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go into Device Settings.
  4. Select which echo (if more than one)
  5. Click on Bluetooth Devices
  6. Select Pair a New Device
  7. Open Bluetooth Settings on the computer and pair with the Dot.

If not, try those steps. If you connected directly to the computer via the app/using voice commands to the computer, it detected it as a speaker.

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