I am aware that there is Azure IoT Hub palette in Node-red, which is specifically designed to interact with Azure IoT Hub. I tried that and it worked fine most of the time. However, due to an instability issue I am curious to compare that palette with out-of-the box MQTT node provided by node-red.

I followed the instruction here, but I always got connection failed to broker. This happened both for the publish and subscribe node. I tried the same setting using MQTT.js following this post, and it worked, indicating that the credentials I am using is correct.

Here is my setting for the subscribe node:

Node properties:
Topic: devices/{device_id}/messages/devicebound/#
QOS: 1

Server properties:
Connection tab:
Server: <myhubname>.azure-devices.net
port: 8883
enable SSL: (checked)

TLS config:
certificate: (none)
private key: (none)
passphrase: (none)
CA cert: (the one from Baltimore cert)
verify server certificate: (checked) (I tried with unchecked but no difference)
Server name: none

Security tab:
username: <myhubname>.azure-devices.net/<devicename>/api-version=2018-06-30
password: (the SAS)

I also tried the node-red MQTT node to connect to AWS IoT, and it worked fine.

I understand that Azure IoT Hub is not a fully featured MQTT broker, but from my understanding it should be possible to connect to it using plain node-red MQTT node.

Am I missing something? Thank you!


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