Developing your own hardware is expensive. Our company has few requirements for our hardware. Cellular communication, GPS transmission and capturing acceleration.

Since we need only max to 1,000-5,000 devices the production costs is up to around $100 per device. So we thought of attaching cheap Xiaomi smartphone instead of it. (around $200)

But the best way to achieve this is using others hardware which as same functionality such as car GPS tracker, pet GPS tracker etc..

Wouldn't there be any Device I can use for this? With custom firmware, API, and hardware casing.


Yes, this would be possible. Your product design consultancy should offer this as a recommendation. There are always 3 possibilities to be explored in product design:

  1. COTS (buy something that's already for sale).
  2. Re-purpose something similar.
  3. Design something custom.

In this case there are many companies that make tracker type devices that have white-labelling services. That is, they will allow you to buy their generic device and brand it/configure it however you like.

I strongly recommend you still do this through an electronic product design service (disclosure: I run such a service) - there are many competing trade-offs and specifications that need to be carefully worked through.

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