Basically I want to make my Google home device make an announcement when my mail arrives via Domoticz sensor.

I know IFTTT can trigger Domoticz via web URL but is there a function to trigger Google Assistant in a similar fashion?


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You can send commands to a Google Home device on the same network to play a MP3 from a URL. With this you can have the Home Device play arbitrary messages.

There are libraries to do this e.g. for nodejs google-home-notify that takes a string, sends it to Google's Text to Speech API and then has the Google Home play the output.

The example code for this node is very simple:

var googlehomenotifier = require('../')("", "en-US", 1);

googlehomenotifier.notify("Some crazy textmessage", function (result) {

Where is the IP address of the Google Home device on your local network.

There is also a Python version that might plug into Domoticz easier.


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