Is it possible to use Wi-Fi adapters for communicating with ZigBee devices? Wi-Fi and ZigBee both use the 2.4 GHz range, so the radio hardware should be identical, right?

Since I can not find any information on this in the web, I suppose there must be some problem, or this is a real stupid question. Are the phy and MAC layers hardwired in Wi-Fi adapters? The rest is software anyway, right?

There is this answer: Can I implement ZigBee with generic hardware?

It says:

You could, but you'd need a radio transceiver with compatible frequency range, modulation, and data rate.

Is IEEE 802.15.4-2003 so different to 802.11-1997, for example, that hardware is not exchangeable? The frequency is the same, so is the modulation, DSSS.

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    Mar 9, 2019 at 19:56


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