Is there a GET request rate limit for the Thingspeak API? So far I've only been able to find information about POST requests.

I have a data acquisition R script that I would like to run in parallel. I'm pausing ~1-second between each request currently, but when parallelized, I would be making 8 requests every 1-second instead.



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A roundabout answer.

As per info at bottom of this answer, you get charged by a number of messages written, not by number of times someone reads the data.

That means you can experiment with multiple GET requests without having to worry about a cost, so run your script and see what happens.

NOTE: make sure that your script does not write any messages

Here is an excerpt from https://thingspeak.com/pages/license_faq

4. What is a message?

ThingSpeak stores messages in channels. A message is defined as a write of up to 8 fields of data to a ThingSpeak channel. For example, a channel representing a weather station could include the following 8 fields of data: temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, battery level, and light level. Each message cannot exceed 3000 bytes. Examples of messages include:

  1. A write to a ThingSpeak channel using the REST API or target-specific ThingSpeak libraries
    a. From an embedded device
    b. From another computer
  2. A write to a ThingSpeak channel using MQTT
  3. A write to a ThingSpeak channel from MATLAB using thingspeakwrite or the REST API
  4. A write to a ThingSpeak channel inside ThingSpeak using the MATLAB Analysis or MATLAB Visualizations Apps
  5. Any writes to ThingSpeak triggered by a React or a Timecontrol


19. Does using any of the apps in ThingSpeak™ affect my messages in any way?

Your messages are consumed when you write data to a ThingSpeak channel. If you write data to a channel from one of the ThingSpeak Apps, you will consume messages. For example, if are using the MATLAB Analysis app to compute a value that is derived from data you have stored in ThingSpeak channels, you will not consume messages, but if you save/write that value to another channel, you will consume messages.


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