I'm using IP camera - as an input for my IOT project. IP cam default IP is and in order to use it in my network I need to change its default IP.

My network address is 192.168.3.x. Seller instructions instructions are clear and reasonable, but my network address is not as his, causing IP SEARCH not to find this device.

I know that it is connected as needed since my NVR detects camera, with exact IP, but changing IP cannot be done using NVR GUI...

Any ideas ?


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    I'm not clear what you are actually asking here.
    – hardillb
    Apr 4 '19 at 20:44
  • @hardillb - I tried to write it more clearly. I'll try to explain it again : default ip is and ,y metwork ip range is 192.168.3.x. the issue is changing its ip address, since it have its ip which is not my network's address range.
    – Guy . D
    Apr 5 '19 at 3:39

The I found quite quick and usefull- was like that:

  1. Connect IPCAM directly to PC's LAN port

  2. Change Adapter settings ( via Control Panel ) to 192.168.1.X

  3. logoff

  4. Connect using web page with default ip and change to desired IP.

** this youtube tutorial helped a lot !

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