I am following getting started guide of ThingsBoard. In their getting started tutorial, I was instructed to run demo-tool.js file from here. It will send the random value of humidity and temperature. I want to display these live value in the widget as described it the getting started guide but it is not working.

At 7:20 of this video, they have shown how to configure widget to display live data. In their time series drop-down humidity and temperature both are populated as shown in this image:


but when I follow the same steps and reach here, The humidity and temperature were not present in drop-down suggestion rather I was shown drop-down where I created humidity and temperature by my own because it was not already present in the suggestion. As shown in this image.

enter image description here

After following these steps my digital gauge widget is not showing the values as sent by demo-tool.js.

P.S. It only happened in digital gauge widget. Chart widget is working it showing the graph of random values sent by demo-tool.js file. and in drop-down it is also showing humidity and temperature in suggestion.

enter image description here

Can Anyone tell me how to display the random values in digital gauge widget in thingsboard as shown in their getting started tutorial.

Thanks in Advace.

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