I want a Particle Photon to trigger the IFTTT action of a Phillips Hue light changing brightness to either 0%, 25%, 50%, etc. The event seems to be triggering, but the brightness does not change as expected.

On Particle Console, the Integrations section, I created a new integration:

Event Name: set_hue
URL: https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/set_hue/with/key/MY_REAL_LIFE_KEY
Request Type: POST
Request Format: Web Form
Device: Any

Advanced Settings > Form Fields > Custom
Value1: {{Value1}}

Http Headers
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

On my Photon, I run the following:
void setup() {


void loop() {
  static int brightness = 25;
  // Get some data
  String Value1 = String(brightness);
  brightness = (brightness + 25) % 125;
  // Trigger the integration
  Particle.publish("set_hue", Value1, PRIVATE);
  // Wait 3 seconds

In my events log, I can see things like:
Name Data Device Published At
hook-response/set_hue/0 Congratulations! You've fired the set_hue event particle-internal 6/2/19 at 6:58:14 pm
hook-sent/set_hue particle-internal 6/2/19 at 6:58:14 pm
set_hue 50 6/2/19 at 6:58:13 pm

Any ideas why this doesn't seem to affect the brightness on my Hue?

  • Been 2 years. Maybe you got it to work. If so, it maybe good to let us know what happened. Sep 23 '21 at 13:16

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