I have what may be a crazy idea, which was inspired after both my neighbours had deliveries of online purchases swiped off their porch...not cool. I want to build a box for couriers to put stuff in, and I want to put a lock on it. I have read about smart locks that can have temporary passwords set (some examples may be found here). Now, my question is has anyone done this, and would these locks need to be tucked out of the elements (like under a roof) so that rain and snow (big issue where I live) wont get on them?

Now, being a new contributor to this page, I don't know if this is a place for product recommendations - so what I am asking for specifically is things to look out for or design considerations other than "box" which is all I have in mind as of now.


Many of these types of product are intended for use on exterior doors so should be weather proof (when installed correctly).

I would point out that they are probably intended to be installed vertically (e.g. in a front door) rather than horizontally (e.g. in the top of a box) where water might pool on the surrounding surface or the face of the product

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    True about mounting orientation. They are designed to be "rain proof" and not necessarily to have gravity pull water in. Water could leak in through to the non-weatherproof "inside" portion of the lock.
    – JPhi1618
    Jul 10 '19 at 19:15

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