I'm trying to connect my PIR motion sensor using gatttool and is giving me this error:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo gatttool -t random -b B8:7C6F:1A:D8:24 -I
 [B8:7C6F:1A:D8:24][LE]> connect
Attempting to connect to B8:7C6F:1A:D8:24
Error connect: Connection refused (111)

It's the same issue with this stackoverflow question but it didn't solved my issue.

I try other BLE device and it connects just fine except for this motion sensor. I tried to contact the motion sensor manufacturer but they didn't help me. The motion sensor is called IX34-BLE PIR Motion Sensor by Shenzhen Kaipule. Also the sensor works just fine with the manufacturer's alarm box and mobile app so I know that it does not have defects.

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