I am just getting started with PlatformIO and have chosen a Heltec WiFi Kit 32.

I loaded the PlatformIO demo espidf-http-request, built it and loaded it, but the serial terminal shows

�␄@�␀␙␔␄␔␀�␀ @���H␂␐␀␀␄␀␀␀␀ ␎0␀␀�␒ bd␋�␒␔Q� �␀␕��bH�A�Pb(,␒�0�␒P␀␒���Ȑ2<U�␄␂� ␄␓␒"␃␀``␀��PI␅ "J␆I�␄␀��␀�2,␑$�␌B␁␄+����

which seems to be a baud rate problem.

My platformio.ini contains

platform = espressif32
board = heltec_wifi_kit_32
framework = espidf
monitor_port = COM3
monitor_speed = 115200
upload_port = COM3
upload_speed = 115200

any idea what I am doing wrongly?


Just in case it helps anyone ...

74880 baud works and I see output.

BUT, I have to Ctrl-c in PlatformIO’s terminal and issue the command platformio device monitor --baud 74880

that means that I miss output from the startup sequence.

Why does the build not honour the platformion.ini file and its monitor_speed entry? I would expect that to generate some code in the hidden main() function to set the baud rate.

Oh, well, it's an imprefect solution, but it' a sort of solution

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