I have a couple of dimmable, but non-colored, IKEA lights. I have learned that the proper way to factory reset them is to turn them off and on again 6 times quickly. That worked for Trådfri lights I had of a different model.

However, when I do this to these non-colored lights, they don't reset. I noticed that they don't seem to go out fully if I do it too quickly (unlike the other models), but neither waiting for them to light up and dim out fully nor ignoring that and just doing it quickly worked. What should I do?

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The Mozilla IoT wiki made note of this exact problem.

If you have problems resetting the plain white (non-colour) IKEA bulb, try making the "ons" very brief (less than a second) and the "offs" longer

This solution worked well for me, and I was able to reset them without much trouble after trying it.

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