I am following this guide which seems to be excllent, except for one litte problem:

When I debug, a breakpoint which I set on the first line is nor reached and the script seems to hang.

enter image description here

The debugger tabs shows that we are connected: enter image description here

as does the console tab: enter image description here

The command line shown in the console tab is

G:_Python\BBC_microbit\demo\venv\Scripts\python.exe "E:\coding\Python\PyCharm Community Edition\helpers\pydev\pydevd.py" --multiproc --qt-support=auto --client --port 12153 --file G:/_Python/BBC_microbit/demo/demo.py

Any idea how I can get it to hit the breakpoint?

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    For anyone else who wnats to debug Python on the micro:bit, I managed to get it working with this Visual Studio Code extension. I would prefer to get Pycharm wokring, as I use it at work, but it's good to have a fall-back – Mawg says reinstate Monica Oct 5 '19 at 18:23

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