I have many audio books purchased in United Kingdoms Audible account. I can still hear them on my smartphone. I have recently moved to India and purchased amazon echo device. I do not have any books in my Audible India account. Alexa always says no books in my account hence I wanted to listen the books from my UK audible account through Alexa as I have purchased them?

How can I do that?

Note : I know I can play it via Bluetooth but is there any other easier way?


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I found out a workaround as of now using my Xiomi Redmi Note phone.

MIUI has a feature of duel app. Hence I just created a dual app for audible and logged in as india account. Now I have 2 icons for audible one of UK and one for India and both can download books independently.

How to enable dual app on MIUI phones. Go to setting--> Apps --> Dual Apps --> Enable audible app

once enabled you can login in your second app with other country.

Alas only 2 apps can be created and only available in Xiaomi devices in MIUI OS as far as I know.

But still solves the issue.

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