IOT device Shelly Dimmer could not connect to cloud.


Device is already owned by another User

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Answer from shelly support is:

About ""Device is owned from another customer" 3 years ago we never expect to sell so much devices and the unick IDs running out. All new devices which we manifacturing now using whole MAC address as ID instead last 6 digits. Everyone who has this issue need to send a message to Dimitar Stanishev or Me, to provide a special firmware which will resolve it (extend ID). Next week this procedure will be made automaticaly from the APP.

See also support channel topic: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShellyIoTCommunitySupport/permalink/2552658274833521

Or solution mentioned in: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShellyIoTCommunitySupport/permalink/2578113305621351/

According to this you have to flash your shelly with a special firmware. You can do this using the link below (please adapt the IP of your shelly):

Open this link on your phone using device ip This Is a firmware for conflicting devices on cloud. You ll see a White screen with with code After update. Do a factory reset, don't update until the device run correctly.


Make sure to select suiteable firmware for your device.

ota-Update für Shelly 1:


ota-Update für Shelly Plug S:


ota-Update für Shelly Dimmer:


ota-Update für Shelly H&T:


ota-Update für Shelly 2.5:


See also:


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