I am redesigning our bathroom and currently looking at two different light sources

  • 12V LED spots with a dimmable LED driver (via 1kHz PWM)
  • Some sort of chandelier with a E27 (bulb).

I want the bulb also to be dimmable. I found this bulb, which needs a classic triac dimmer. Since I want to control the lights using a self build controller (based on the SAM51J) I do not know the correct approach.

I was looking for dimmable 12V bulbs but was not able to find anything commercial. Either they are dimmable with a LED-driver or via "Smart"-Bulbs (zigbee or similar).

Is there a bulb with E27 which I can dim over a 12V LED-Driver?


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In the meantime I found a solution, which also changed the design:

  • There are some 24V-Led Bulbs (even for E14) available in most LED electronics shops online (even on A****n)
  • As LED-driver I will use the DALI protocol with its special drivers. In my case with constant voltage
  • As control unit there are DALI masters available in said shops. Schematics for DALI masters are also available online (for Arduino, standalone)

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