I am trying to send data from Google Cloud Firestore (via Google Cloud IoT Core) to an ESP32 device. I have follwed this guide, using the option of using Google approved way of Google Cloud IoT Device SDK and ESP-IDF. This is covered in the linked Github readme.

I have installed both Cloud IoT Device SDK and ESP-IDF and have got the hello-world example of ESP-IDF working. But I get stuck when trying to configure wifi settings (under the heading "Compile time constants in the readme"). make menuconfig works when in the ESP-IDF project folder, e.g. the hello-world example, i.e. opens the menu. But I can't find the settings for Wifi ("WiFi SSID", "WiFI Password") or Google Cloud IoT Core ("Project ID", "Location", "Registry ID" and "Device ID"). Is it even in ESP-IDF where these settings are to be found?

I should add that I am not using BME280 sensor like in the guide, but am only wanting to make sure I get some kind of a connection between the device and Google Cloud at first. Then I guess I will use Google Functions to send data from Firestore to the device via Cloud IoT Core.

I haven't done anything to get the ESP32 connected to wifi either, is this has something to do with it (not in the guide explicitly, so I thought it might work all the same).

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? And is this method a good one do you think, or should I try Zerynth which I have read could also be a solution? I want something recommended/approved by Google.

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