I have an old Samsung smart TV UE46ES6300S (Model 2012) and I want to start developing a test Application for it.

I don't know which OS does my smart tv use, and which are the right tools to begin developing a simple HTML / JS / CSS Application for it.

Can anyone help to know the used used OS and the right tools to do it?


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According to the TV model groups of the Samsung Smart TV developer site, the UE6300 series uses TV SDK 4.1, which is part of the "legacy" versions (newer versions use Tizen).

You can find the relevant software here (in the "Samsung TV SDK for Legacy Platform" section, selecting version 4.1.

Documentation is available here.

Since this is now an 8-year old "legacy" platform, don't expect too much support for it. I don't even know if you can even still publish apps using that platform.

Good luck!

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