I have a SonoffS31 flashed with Tasmota. I have set up a Raspberry Pi running OpenHAB and an MQTT broker. In the paper UI of openHAB, I have created a Thing that represents the switch.

I have set the MQTT state topic of the switch to: stat/sonoffS31-1/POWER and it correctly displays the switch's state when I manually change the switch.

I have set the MQTT command topic to: cmnd/sonoffS31-1/Power.

My problem is that this command only allows me to turn off the switch via the openHAB UI. If I attempt to turn on the switch (via the UI) it just returns to the off position.

What is the correct MQTT command topic to toggle the switch?


I realized I was not specifying a payload for the command. Specifying a payload for the on and off commands fixed my problem.

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