So I have a simple application that involves reading the input over terminal via UART, and then responding accordingly, be it toggling an LED or outputting a sensor reading over I2C. As a step up, I have been thinking about incorporating some wireless capability so the data could be sent/read over the air i.e WiFi or Bluetooth.

I personally think for this simple application, Bluetooth would be more than enough considering even the max standard the baud rate (0.256Mbps) is lesser than what bit rate you could achieve with Bluetooth (~2Mbps) but from a learning standpoint, what would be the suggested approach?

A simple use case that I thought of with BLE was to connect to a mobile app, and send/receive data over the air and UART from the module to the MCU.

For WiFi, I haven't done much research but I'd have to set up a local server first, connect the module to wifi internet, set up get/post requests and some backend processing I guess.

I have an STM32F4 MCU. Also, would there be a need of RTOS?

  • Any reason to stick with the stm32? A ESP32 has both WiFi & Bluetooth and multiple UART/I2C for reading/outputting data. – hardillb May 18 at 22:02
  • I already have drivers written for uart/i2c and want to use them. – xyf May 18 at 22:03
  • If you want to send "to the cloud" (and from there, to any local or remote devices), then WiFi. If you want to send to a local smartphone, then BLE. But of course YMMV based on many many other parameters. – jcaron May 18 at 22:43

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