I have notice a signification data usage on my pi even when I am not using it. this can be a problem as I am using a IOT sim card with a small cap.

I have setup iftop and monitored the traffic for a couple hours. here are few of the connections my pi had that I have no idea why. during that time my was not supposed to anything.

  • ntp15.doctor.com
  • vf1.bbnx.net
  • y.ns.gin.ntt.net
  • cloudflare.com

Would anyone be able to shed some light on those connections and confirm if those might be reason for the high data usage.

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    1) Define high, 2) what are the actual bytes transferred for each of those addresses, 3) What changes have you made standard Raspbian install, 4) Does the SIM have a publicly routable IP address? 5) 10.x.x.x is a private address that will be to do with your provider. – hardillb May 26 at 18:51

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