I use a todo list app called TickTick. The app has a Google Assistant integration available. However, when I try to say "Talk to TickTick" Google Assistant always talks to another quiz app called "Tik Tik" instead.

Is there some way I can fix Google Assistant to talk to TickTick todo list app instead of this other quiz app?


Try asking "Speak to TickTick" instead.

It looks like TickTick reacts to multiple invocations such as the above, whereas the clashing Tik Tik action only reacts to "Talk to Tik Tik".

Ideally one or the other would change the action name to avoid the clash, but hopefully this workaround solves it for now.


Setup a "Routine" in the Google Assistant settings such that:

  • When I say "notepad or "note pad"
  • Assistant will: "Talk to ticktick"

Now, all I have to say is: "Okay Google. Notepad"

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