I have an Ohaus Aviator 7000 scale, and I need store the weights of various items digitally. Although the scale is supposedly capable of exporting measurements directly to a computer, I have not been able to get my Windows 7 laptop to recognize the device such that the weights could be saved using a data logger. The EU models do not support this functionality, but I believe my unit is the US model. I do not know if this is an issue with the drivers or if the laptop’s port is the issue.

The scale was built for Point of Sale use, and it should be able to print receipts containing the weights as well as the cost of the purchased items to a thermal printer. Because I am hoping to integrate this data in real time to a python script I am using to help operate my retail business, I thought I could connect the scale to an MCU, run a thermal printer emulator, and store and make use of the data that way.

If it is likely that something like this can be cobbled together, what MCU would you recommend? If anyone has any experience with Ohaus scales specifically, or with projects like this, what software will I need to run on the MCU in order to emulate a thermal printer and successfully store the data? If I connect a thermal printer, like an Epson Tm-T20, could I read the data into the MCU from the Epson rather than directly from the scale?

Additionally, if anyone knows of a scale that readily exports data to a laptop, such that I can forego the MCU, the purchase of a scale better suited to my purposes may be the most expedient solution. I am afraid I will not be able to make use of the Aviator 7000, and so I am wary about continuing to spend money on solutions that may not ultimately work.

Thank you.

  • configure the scale to use a USB connection .... windows should detect a serial port – jsotola Jun 18 at 3:09

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