I've been considering using openHAB recently as my home automation system, but I'd like to connect a Google Home to it so I can control the system with my voice.

It looks like openHAB support Amazon Alexa through the openhab-alexa skill, so with an Echo I could issue voice commands and receive simple voice messages, but I'd like to use a Google Home instead.

I've checked the Supported Technologies page on the openHAB website, but it looks like there's nothing there for the Google Home/Assistant. Is it possible to connect my Google Home to openHAB? If possible, I'd like to connect directly, but I would be happy with connecting it through a different service if necessary.

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It seems, from this forum post that you can use ha-bridge which masquerades as a Philips Hue bridge, permitting it to consume the basic lighting commands. If you have Hue devices, you need a real Hue bridge behind ha-bridge.

Since this supports Google Home, you're able to implement voice command, but potentially some limitations to the scope of the commands.


Very old question, but still active, so it deserves an updated answer.

Yes, OpenHAB 3 is fully integrated with Google Assistant via their myopenHAB.org cloud bridge.


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