I have set up Mosquitto MQTT on my Windows 7 laptop. I have performed the installation process according to this step by step guide.

Installation was alright and I could start the Mosquitto Broker's service by using C:\Windows\system32\services.

windows service overview showing mosquitto broker service

Now what I want is to be able to launch the service from Windows 7 command prompt. In everycase I tried to run the commands from the install directory of Mosquitto (D:\..\MQTT\mosquitto>).

  1. First I have tried the following command according to the documentation:

    mosquitto -d

    -d, --daemon

    Run mosquitto in the background as a daemon. All other behaviour remains the same.

    Turned out that I cannot do this on Windows.

    1483193297: Warning: Can't start in daemon mode in Windows.
  2. After, I have tried a command shared on this site.

    mosquitto –p 1883 –v

    This one started the broker but not the background service. I have checked the service among the Windows services, and Mosquitto Broker was not started.

Does anyone know the proper way of starting Mosquitto broker's service from Windows 7 command prompt?

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I finally succeeded in finding the correct command on this site. It is:

net start mosquitto

It can be run from any directory. If you receive the following error:

D:\..\MQTT\mosquitto>net start mosquitto
System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

then you need to run the command prompt as an administrator. In case of success the following response will be shown.

D:\..\MQTT\mosquitto>net start mosquitto
The Mosquitto Broker service is starting.
The Mosquitto Broker service was started successfully.

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