I've currently been working with a consultant, whom recommended we utilize an architecture that is based off the Microchip ATMELAVR 8 bit Arduino framework. The board is called a Mayfly, picture below:

enter image description here

Currently one of our configuration would use digital pins (D10-D12), I2C, header stack for digital pins (D4-D11, D18-D21, D23), power, SDA, SCL, Sw3, and Sw5. The pins near the USB support our cellular radio.

I'm hoping to leverage Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub, which requires a ESP32 to leverage their SDK. I'd like to ensure I could do cellular or LoRa WAN, with our existing communication including leveraging Modbus. The board I found Azure IoT Development Board. Would this work? And any recommendations for radios?

  • Multitech mDot LoRa WAN or Digi LTE cellular radio
  • Ultra sonic level sensor (D10-D11)
  • Soil Moisture Sensors (I2C)
  • Water Quality (pH, ORP, DO, Conductivity, Turbidity) with Modbus Wing / Shield (upping voltage to 9 volts to power all sensors) on the entire header stack above I2C port.

A picture of a sample station working with the above sensors (except soil moisture):

enter image description here

The problem, the Mayfly cannot connect to Azure due to security issues. Cannot broadcast SSL/TLS. Our organization currently leverages the consultants entire suite, but we want to harden and begin to pull our data collected to our system natively rather than through API's.

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