Periodically, I'll try to listen to a podcast with Alexa yet always get the same poor result. Until today.

Now, it plays something called "no agenda ep.5" from Apple iTunes. Which is perplexing in a few ways. Firstly, I would expect Alexa to use TuneIn, and, secondly, I cannot even figure out what podcast it is playing. Finally, if that command plays podcast x through iTunes, how do I play podcast x1? Here: No Agenda.

Perhaps just use iTunes? Although I prefer the voice interface commands Alexa offers via TuneIn over, for example, AnyPod. I certainly never enabled iTunes, but Amazon just adding that on their own seems par for the course.

Actually, as linked above:


which points to:


it seems to be playing an episode from four years ago!? I didn't even recognize it as the same podcast.

Also, I came across an Alexa skill, "no agenda", which gives the option to listen to the live stream (quite useful) or to play the latest episode. It's sub-par as a podcast player, but is useful if only for the live stream.


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