I am developing a personal project at the end of which I should be able to create a homemade alarm system.

All this should be protected against voltage drops/failures, the whole circuit will be inside a "box" that I will print with the 3d printer.

To be precise, the project foresees these components:

  • Raspberry Pi 0 with Domoticz (80 mA / 0.4 W)
  • Sonoff RF Bridge with Tasmota (30 ~ 200mA/3.0 ~ 3.6V)
  • Buzzer
  • Step up circuit (optional)

I'm looking for a circuit that works as an "UPS/backup battery", which allows me to keep the system running for as long as possible (1h would be the top). A PC UPS (just to be clear) must be excluded as a solution, power banks apparently are not good as manufacturers advise against charging them and powering devices at the same time.

I have tried circuits like this but they are very poor, the battery does not hold up and unfortunately the charge readings through the GPIO are not realistic.

DollaTek Cappello ups con Batteria per Raspberry Pi 3 Modello B / 2B / B + | Adattatore Batteria | Fonte di Alimentazione Pi 3


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