I just want to know how many clients are actively connected to my mosquitto server. Or even better, get a list of client ids connected to my mosquitto server. I read some documentation suggesting the topic $SYS/broker/clients/connected will give this information. But this command yielded no response and no results:

mosquitto_sub -h myserver.myserver.myserver -p 9500 -t $SYS/broker/clients/connected -u "my-user" -P "my-password" --capath /etc/ssl/certs/

(I replaced myserver.myserver.myserver and my-user and my-password with actual values.) I verified the connection is working because if I publish a message to the same topic, the message appears.

How can I get a list of clients with active connection to my mosquitto server? Or at least a numeric count of active connections?


Bah I figured it out. I need to put single quotes around the topic so that $SYS isn't interpreted as a variable. So like this:

mosquitto_sub -h myserver.myserver.myserver -p 9500 -t '$SYS/broker/clients/connected' -u "my-user" -P "my-password" --capath /etc/ssl/certs/

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