I'm newbie to cloud-iot services. I was challenged by my lecturer to build a backend system where it can send sensor data to cloud, store it, and host a website page. Its about monitoring microclimate around a certain area (soil-moisture, temperature, humidity, wind, etc.).

When I think about cloud, I think about AWS, right? But I confused with the services I should use for my project. I dont know what services are the 'best-suit' for my project to store data and display it from AWS IoT-core (my data obtained from some sensor-node like soil-moisture, etc. for microclimate project). That services like dynamodb, lambda, sqs, kinesis, etc idk what more.

Or where can I find tutorial for those (outside aws documentation, because when I searched anything about aws, aws page comes first in search engine)?

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you all can understand what I mean. Thank you.

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Check out our https://mqttlab.iotsim.io/aws for Getting Started with AWS IoT.

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