I recently acquired the HDK8150 board. I am pretty interested in running a non-Android Linux OS there. After some hours of going through I found some interesting stuff:

  1. I found that from Linux kernel 5.4, is supporting Snapdragon 855, so far so good!

  2. There is one Ubuntu distribution named Ubuntu Core (https://ubuntu.com/download/qualcomm-dragonboard-410c). It seems it fully supports snapdragon but it is pretty bound to the DragonBoard-410C.

  3. I found that there is an Ubuntu's parallel project named Linaro (https://www.linaro.org/) that looks pretty nice. My point is that I would like to check out any of them but I prefer not to flash the eMMC memory but run the system from the SD-card. I found it better since I am pretty sure I am gonna mess up with something, I am just starting with this... There is anybody that has experience on this topic with this specific board? There is any way to boot from the SD-card (it can be seen on the back that there are 8-switches labeled as "boot". There is no much documentation out there apart from the Quickstart guide)? Any suggestions on what OS to use?

Thanks so much and merry Christmas <3

PD: This question was originally posted here: https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/232226/is-it-possible-to-boot-from-the-sd-card-on-the-hdk8150-board


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