Are there any open source IoT frameworks/runtimes similar to Azure IoT but without vendor lockin, software that will basically run on bare metal device and pull down and run containerized images from a registry and handle configuration/twin synchronization with the cloud?

I like the Azure client solution but we cannot use Azure as a backend for this project and forking it does not seem feasible.

Basic requirements are:

  • Runs on bare metal.
  • Runs containerized images from cloud.
  • Manages configuration/twin synchronization with cloud.
  • Provides some client side messaging interface between containers.


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The Balena.io stack is opensource and in theory you can stand up you own version.

It will handle all the provisioning/managing of the devices but you'll have to supply your own messaging/storage/digital twin bits ontop.


You could hack together something with certificates, MQTT, kafka and firebase. But you'll spend a lot of energy making it work and managing it.

I guess it is a risk of not taking off Vs a risk of later vendor lock in ! Have you considered using a vendor locked in version for take off while leaving a way to reprogram later to get away from vendor lock in if needed ?


You can also use the opensource Blynk project. The server is opensource. Mobile application is closed source, but is building based on the community feedback (link). My home automation project has been developed around Blynk server and their library.

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