I am trying different approaches to creating a simple NAS using a Raspberry Pi and decided to give Windows IoT Core a try; considering that other computers in my network are primarily Windows and drives are NTFS, that seemed like a viable idea.

I managed to install and run Windows IoT Core on my RPi and I managed to set up an SMB share via remote Powershell session, everything went quite smoothly.

However, I can't make this share be visible over the network (i.e., in Network Neighborhood). After some research, it seems that this visibility is achieved by NetBIOS name service (similar to what nmbd does). So somehow Windows IoT Core doesn't announce itself to the network through NetBIOS protocol. At the same time, I am able to access the Pi through its device name (\\raspberrypi\), which means that it supports NetBIOS...

Is there any way to make the SMB shares on Windows IoT Core visible in the Network Neighborhood?

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